Welcome to Utterly Wow, a small but pretty perfectly formed event planning & design company for those in need of some wedding day assistance, however big or small.

Your wedding is most likely going to be the biggest event you have ever planned.  Even the most intimate of weddings will require hours and hours of researching, emailing, calling, negotiating, procrastinating, planning and designing; and as the day draws nearer creating, crafting, finalising, arguing, more calling, fixing, decorating, panicking, laughing, and eventually, marrying.

You will have the most amazing day of your lives, you really will, but Utterly Wow is here to do some of those ‘ings’ for you; thus making the process a little less intense and a whole lot more enjoyable.

So why don’t you stay a moment? Have a good look through the website and read on to find out about the services Utterly Wow can provide, and a little bit more about me.

I’m here to help.